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Fee Structure of Post RN

College Fees

Applicants are advised to read carefully and know the total dues to be paid to the college at the time of admission. Before making such decision, sufficient financial arrangements should exist for a course of study that lasts for at least 2 years for Post RN. Students must deposit their yearly fee on time to avoid fine. In addition, he/ she could be debarred from sitting in university examination.

Post RN Session 2022-2024
Semester Tuition Fee Admission Fee
(One Time)
University /
PNC Registration /
Examination Fee Total
1st 70,000 55,000 10,300 4,800 140,100 PKR
2nd 70,000 - - 4,800 74,800 PKR
3rd 70,000 - - 4,800 74,800 PKR
4th 70,000 - - 4,800 74,800 PKR