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IT Department

The IT department of the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) is working actively.
The IT department is responsible for the network architecture, hardware, software, database, website and digital marketing.
IT professionals analyze RIHS need and creating technical solutions to solve business problem.
IT teams provide support to computer users in the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences. IT teams are handling the queries to the best of their knowledge.
The Rawal Institute’s IT department has two teams; Core & Tech team and Technical support team.


IT-Ext: 812 - 824


Core & Tech professionals working in the IT department are responsible for one area of IT for the RIHS, such as Programming, Website Development, Database Development, SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, etc. This can encompass a myriad of different tasks like designing and testing software, writing code, and debugging.
Other duties include training employees on how to use new software programs and assisting them in software-related issues.

Qamar Waheed

IT Manager

Sayed Tariq Shah

Software Engineer

Hameed Akhtar

Software Developer



The computer network team is responsible for installing and setting up the computer network. The technical support team ensures that the network is operating properly and that all employees can communicate through the internet. Other duties include installing new software, repairing hardware problems, and installing new hardware, and troubleshooting problems.

Muhammad Ehtisham

Technical Support Person
Assistant Manager

Shameer M Khan

Printer Technician


Computer Hardware Technician

Hammad Ahmed

Computer Hardware Technician

Taimoor Zahoor

IT Assistant