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Pakistan Independence Day 2021 | Head Office & RG&DH Staff | RIHS

Pakistan Independence Day 2021

On the auspicious occasion of the Independence Day of Pakistan, I wish to convey my heartiest congratulations to the Management, Faculty Members, all the Doctors and Paramedical Staff of the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences and, especially, to the students who are undergoing studies in this prestigious institution. You all know that this great country of ours appeared on the map of the world after relentless efforts of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions and in the wake of tremendous sacrifices of the Muslims of the sub-continent. Let us all pay homage and rich tributes to our great Quaid and all those big leaders who contributed wholeheartedly in the creation of this country.
We all are aware that our great leader gave us three basic principles to follow so as to earn a respectable position in the world community; and these principles are Unity, Faith and Discipline. The history has proved that the nations who follow these principles achieve rapid progress and attain prestige and glory. Our beloved Quaid repeatedly put emphasis on these principles in his speeches throughout the struggle for Pakistan. My advice to the young students on this auspicious occasion is that they must never lose sight of these principles in their lives.
For me personally, it is indeed a pleasure to have completed more than 8 years of my association with the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad. It is really very encouraging and reassuring for me to see that this prestigious institution with enrolment of almost 700 students at one time is imparting quality education to the students hailing not only from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but also from different parts of the country. During my assignment with this institution, I have been really impressed with the commitment, dedication and competence of the esteemed faculty members who have worked really hard to ensure that the educational needs of the students are fulfilled to the hilt. It is also very satisfying to note that the college administration has played a very vital role in the smooth and efficient functioning of this institution. Due to these collective efforts, the institution has been able to produce a wonderful lot of very bright doctors whose caliber is comparable to that of the graduates of any other medical institution of repute.
I wish all luck to this institution in its future endeavors and would also like to convey my best wishes to its students for their success in their personal and professional life in the time to come.




HOD General Surgery Department, RG&DH