Rawal Institute of Health Sciences - RIHS RAWAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES

Interview Structure for Admission Regulations

The interview shall be structured to assess the following broad determinants each stem shall have (2) marks:

  1. Overall look and personality of the candidate.
  2. Gauging interactive and communication skills of the candidate.
  3. General knowledge and intellectual pursuits and profiling.
  4. Family background of the candidate.
  5. To gauge paying capacity of the parents/guardians of the candidate.
  6. Phycological profiling of the candidate with questions regarding performance under pressure and gauging empathy and aptitude.
  7. Gauging knowledge of the candidate about the institution.
  8. Gauging future ambitions of the candidate in the profession.
  9. Gauging the belief of the candidate in teamwork and mentoring.
  10. Gauging the pursuits of the candidate in his spare time.