Rawal Institute of Health Sciences - RIHS RAWAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES

Admission Procedure 2020

  • Step-1:
  • Visit PMC PMC website
  • Step-2:
  • National Admissions System is available on PMC website at the link PMC Portal
  • Step-3:
  • Create Admission Account
  • Step-4:
  • Login to your account
  • Step-5:
  • Fill the form & select Rawal Institute of Health Sciences RIHS from the institute list.
  • Step-6:
  • Pay Admission Fee & Submit Bank Deposit Slip
  • Step-7:
  • Last date to apply is Jaunary 19th,2020.
  • Step-8:
  • After annoucement of meritlist RIHS will call shortlisted candidates.


  1. After publication of the MDCAT result by PMC, PMC shall invite applications on a national level from students seeking admission in Rawal Institute of Health Sciences. In this regard, candidates will have fifteen (15) days to apply in an automated admission system by disbursing Rs. 500/-. After that, for seeking preference from candidates a preference wise list of private medical and dental colleges will be given to the candidates and those candidates who want to seek admission in RIHS they all must be given preference to RIHS for placing their name in merit list of RIHS. Upon receipt of merit list from PMC, RIHS will conduct interview for confirmation of admission accordingly.
  2. When candidates will give their preference for admission against RIHS, PMC will formulate a comprehensive list which based on 80% of the aggregate (50% to MDCAT and 30% to F.Sc. or equivalent exam).
  3. An interview shall be conducted by RIHS and 20% of remaining marks will be given to the candidates accordingly.
  4. In order to conclude the final merit list for confirmation of admission in RIHS against the MBBS / BDS program, an accumulated comprehensive list will formulate by RIHS as under:-
    • 80% marks as declared by PMC (50% to MDCAT and 30% to F.Sc. or equivalent exam).
    • 20% marks of an interview.
  5. If any seats remains vacant after 15th February 2021, candidates shall be welcomed to apply against the vacant seats within 7 days providing that the candidate name has already appeared in the list provided to any other college by PMC but didn’t obtain admission.
  6. Admission shall be confirmed only after paying the fee before the due date already advertised by RIHS. Rawal Institute of Health Sciences shall accommodate the first candidate in waiting in the merit list against the candidate who had been selected but didn’t pay the fees until the due date given.
  7. In case of two candidates having exactly the same total marks in final merit list, the candidate having an age older than other shall be put higher on the merit list.


  1. The Foreign national/dual national/overseas will have to apply on portal of PMC for admission on based their MDCAT & SAT-II result as described in admission requirement for Foreign / Dual National / Overseas Seats.
  2. Remaining procedure for admission will be same for foreign candidates as mentioned in Admission Procedure for Pakistani Nationals.