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Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance our National and International recognition as a top-class medical academia, branded for the excellence of our teaching, research and provision of best health care service. We will continue striving to be a world leader in the teaching of competent, empathetic physicians and other health professionals, for medically underserved communities and populations. In addition, the RIHS envisions to provide innovative medical education programs and clinical excellence to improve the health and wellness of all.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to prepare top class medical professionals who have the knowledge and skills to deliver all modes of healthcare for the multi-cultural world of today and tomorrow.
  • To maintain a leading role in medical education, innovative research and provision of best health care services of international standards.
  • To be a paradigm in eradicating health disparities and in finding solutions through research and public health programs for medical problems disproportionately found in disadvantaged communities.
  • To inculcate habits of life-long learning and produce world leaders in medicine.