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Dr. Ambreen Naz

PhD scholar (sports science), M.phil, DPT

Assistant Professor

Principal ( Rawal Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences)

Rawal Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr. Ambreen Naz

I would like to thank the Chairman of the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, the Board of Directors as well as the members of the faculty and the teaching assistants, and my dear students, and congratulate you on the beginning of the academic year. RIHS always seeks to achieve an excellent image in performance and education.
Therefore, when designing the program’s curricula, it was taken into account what is distinguished of many scientific-educational systems and programs along with committing to the requirements of HEC, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences is affiliated with SZABMU and provides standardized quality of education.
I am overwhelmed that you have chosen the profession of physical therapy, considered one of the professions that have been met with increasing acceptance. The need for the domain has risen tremendously in light of technological development. In this context and within the framework of the goals and RIRS aiming to reach a modern and advanced university, the faculty of Physical Therapy comes to adopt this approach by introducing advanced educational systems and programs.
I hope that you have active participation that the faculty will be proud of.