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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shakaib Anwar


Professor & HOD Ophthalmology

Principal Rawal College of Medicine

Rawal College of Medicine

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.” This was said by famous philosopher Hippocrates. Medicine is nothing without the love humanity efforts in the field of medicine amount to serving the cause of humanity. Medicine is a rewarding career. It is challenging, exciting and dynamic; however, it involves a lifetime process of learning. At RIHS, we focus on making our graduates competent and compassionate doctors and lifelong learners. For this purpose, the institute has a renowned faculty, both Basic Scientists and Clinicians, excellent infrastructure, and a supportive management. For each and every student who becomes a part of RIHS, I am here to interact on behalf of my team and the institute. What I emphasize is; be skilled, be learned and be aware of the dignity of your calling but never lose sight of your own simple humanity. I tell them that you’re entering a special place in our society’ people will be awed by your expertise; you will be placed in a position of privilege; you will live well; you will be called by your title; and it may be hard to remember that the word “doctor’ is not actually your first name. It will be a difficult task, no doubt. You will spend years in the grueling effort to understand the human structure, function, and disease. You will be expected to understand complexities within complexities. I can’t imagine a more difficult task and so, when you enter RIHS and the profession of medicine, you must enter it with the promise that you will rise to the challenge. You will work hard and devote yourself wholeheartedly to this noble career. I can only guarantee that you will find the best mentors, teachers, and clinicians at RIHS, who will support you and guide you to the highest international standards. Join RIHS with a goal to serve the ailing humanity and to place the name of RIHS on a global academic map. I warmly welcome befitting future Doctors and leave with a quote that will remind them how fortunate and blessed they are to enter the noble profession of medicine:“in nothing do men more nearly approach the God than in giving health to men”.