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Ms. Saleha Khaqan



Message from Co-Chairperson


It gives me immense pleasure to write this message on behalf of the faculty, fellows, residents, and staff of Rawal Institute of Health Sciences and Rawal General & Dental Hospital. We have a wealth of information populated here about the Academic Programs and Medical Care Services available at our institutions that will benefit you, as a physician, researcher, trainee, student or patient.
Our vision is to further develop our National and International recognition as a top-class Medical College. We are committed to the multilateral mission of providing excellent teaching quality, research opportunities and provision of best healthcare facilities.
We will continue endeavoring to be the exceptional leaders in producing skilled and compassionate doctors and other health specialists, for medically under privileged communities.
The medical profession is more of a passion to us rather than a profession. Muslims take pride in their glorious history of medicines and surgery.
The great Muslim Physician Avicenna not only discovered new methods of treatment but also set norms of medical ethics. Avicenna treated most patients without asking for fees. Likewise, we have dedicated the RIHS project to the marginalized segment of society.
If you believe that healthcare is everyone’s right without any discrimination, please contribute to our efforts to surge access to life-sustaining and life-saving drugs to the underserved populations around the country.