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Khaqan Waheed Khawaja



Message from the Chairman

We are pleased that you have taken the time out to learn more about us. As you will find on our web pages, we have a diversified faculty and staff, involved in a wide range of activities including medical student education, patient care, teaching, research, and community service.
As per the saying of Nelson Mandela "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". The RIHS motivate, inspire, and enable students to become exceptional and compassionate physicians, surgeons, researchers, and leaders to change the world. Our institution is an exciting place to study, where students are trained by the top-notch medical care experts.
The RIHS is a teaching hospital with cutting-edge amenities and infrastructure to support its clinical services. Our libraries are loaded with treasures of the most up to date books and journals pertaining to the medical, dental and modern literature, along with the contemporary audiovisual learning and research facilities. All other Allied facilities are provided to make the atmosphere congenial and conducive for learning as well as developing a balanced personality and worthy character. Our mission is to create an equal opportunity for all students for their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, cultural & physical development, in order to grow up as the best of medical and dental practitioners. We are committed to deliver compassionate, cost-effective and excellent medical care to our patients.
I wish you all success and hope that you will see RIHS as a place for your evolution into the most considerate, empathetic, and learned health care providers.