Rawal Institute of Health Sciences - RIHS RAWAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES


Khaqan Waheed Khawaja

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to welcome you all to RIHS.

We pride ourselves on providing the education, training and clinical experience that will equipe Physicians/Dentists to face the health challenges of 21st century and to deal with ever changing medical situations and complexities of biomedical field. Today in this competitive world, the medical and dental education is stepping forward for the upliftment of the health. We, in RIHS, not only provide subjective knowledge but also step by step practical assistance. We believe in medical and dental education which builds on moral character featuring empathy, sympathy as well as courtasy in students so that they can adapt to any health environment and excel in their professions. The aim of this institute is to make students self reliant and train them to serve their country in specific and humanity in general. RIHS has highly qualified, experienced and professionally competent and devoted teaching staff, ensuring that every facility and service is available to its students. We move with the purpose to motivate the students for higher self-achievement in their profession. The college also provides fully equipped laboratories. Our library has up to date medical/dental books and literature along with the modren audiovisual reading and researching facility. All other allied facilities are provided to make the atmosphere congenial and conducive for learning as well as developing a balanced personality and worthy character. Our mission is to create an equal opportunity for all students for their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, cultural & physical development, in order to grow up as the best of medical and dental practitioners. I wish you all success in the current and future endeavors.