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Rawal Foundation and RIHS's Collaborative Work with Rotary Club

The Rawal Foundation with the help of RIHS, is enthusiastically engaged in collaborative work with other like-minded organizations to attain its shared objectives. This includes contributing practically, execution of projects, funding, and providing state-of-the-art facilities for the community development work. Following is an overview of our joint ventures with “Rotary Club Rawalpindi, Rawal Distt; 3272” (RCR, R D.3272).

Polio Drive

Our country has been encountering multiple challenges in curbing Polio. Mainly due to the dearth of vaccination services, misinterpretations about the Polio vaccine, and inadequate medical facilities. We continue our efforts for immunization to lessen the possible spread of virus from our environment. We arranged Polio Drive; “Eradicate the Scourge of Polio from Pakistan” at the Rawal General & Dental Hospital (RG & DH)’s premises. Mrs Saleha Khaqan; President Rotary Club Rawalpindi, Rawal Distt; 3272”, launched the Polio Drive. A large number of children were immunized during the campaign in the most hygienic and swift manner.

Blood Donation Camps for Thalassemia Patients

Thalassemia is a serious disease that can lead to life threatening conditions, if not treated in time. To help regular blood transfusions of Thalassemia patients, we arranged Blood Donation Campaign at RG & DH. The RIHS students, teachers, faculty, senior management and other staff donated over 80 pints of blood, which proved to be a tremendous support for the blood disordered patients.

Free Medical and Dental Camps

The RIHS together with Rawal Foundation and RCR, R D.3272, set up Medical and Dental Health checkup camps at Al-Mustafa Trust Medical Center Kahuta. The RG & DH’s medical team comprising on 26 doctors, paramedical staff, RIHS volunteers, senior management and the logistics crew, reached the vicinity with their latest medical equipment, enormous stock of medicines, autoclave sterilization system and testing kits. The team placed tents, chairs, tables, attractive stalls and distributed free medicines as well.

The RG & DH’s highly professional doctors attended more than 325 patients, including a large number of women and children. They conducted Eye checkups, Blood sugar tests, Dental checks and Medical screening of chronic deceases. Thirteen patients were diagnosed with Cataracts, and later on underwent free eye surgeries at RG & DH.

This medical outreach program was one of our huge accomplishments. We owe a high debt of gratitude to our dedicated squad and most of all the Honorable Chairman RIHS and RG & DH for putting all sorts of resources to make this possible.

The Cleanup Campaign

Our cleanup project in association with RCR, R D.3272 brought volunteers together to clean, overhaul, and develop public areas that had been ignored, wrecked, and abused. Cleanup campaign involved all the public space, walkways, and parking areas in the vicinity. A group of RIHS students, Rawal Foundation, RG & DH staff and assistants, restored the above mentioned places; including the over grown and wild grass, pavements filled with trash and scrap.

Our passionate participants’ helping hands were the key component for the successful execution of the worthwhile venture. It improved appearance of the project’s location. In addition it built up strong ties among all those involved in the cleaning.