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Mrs. Amra Hayat

Director | Rawal Foundation

Message from the Director

Mrs. Amra Hayat

I am delighted to welcome you to the Rawal Foundation’s website. Our website’s contents and participants’ interests will keep evolving with its development; to incorporate the wide range of community development programs.

For over a decade, we have been extending dynamic assistance to the destitute community country wide. We run projects around Pakistan and endure to support the under privileged during their utmost time of suffering. From disaster response to initiating projects that contribute to health, education, and reasonable living, our dedicated team provide life-shifting initiatives that endow the humanity.

We are determined to building a conducive environment and looking for means to assist the marginalized segments of our society. We welcome and will enthusiastically nurture partnerships and collaboration with Local, National and International donors, to be able to position the Foundation to make a tangible and meaningful impact, largely on the less fortunate households, children, and community.

We need your assistance to make the Rawal Foundation’s work most significant to the lives of individuals at all spheres, but above all, shape strong grounds for the progression and welfare of children and women.

Our Vision

Structuring a world where all communities have full access to their day to day needs; including food, access to clean water, medical treatment, quality of education, and other services without any discrimination; whenever, wherever, and however they are required.

The Rawal Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was established in 2011. It sets together human, economic and practical resources to address the threats faced by the under privileged communities across Pakistan.

Our foremost focus is on all aspects of human betterment and making lives easier and necessities available to all, including; provision of health care, food, and education, ensuring that we alleviate the sufferance, eradicating poverty and such resentments altogether. In order to achieve these goals, Rawal Foundation has been delivering essential services by setting up medical & dental camps, income support program, funeral assistance, ramzan packages, dowry collection, sehri and iftari provision, Christmas and Eid Melad ul Nabi (PBUH) celebrations, food and clean water supply, education and medical treatment, among many other social programs of all sorts. These services have helped improving the lives of millions of people.

Furthermore, the Rawal Foundation make grants and contributes to other grassroots organizations, such as Bazeecha Trust, Shelter Home and Mera Ghar. We collaboratively work on issues of significance to the community and in line with Rawal Foundation’s agenda. This comprises on, providing shelter to the homeless, technical and vocational training to the young women, quality education to the orphans and health care to the needy.

  • To build a humane and sustainable world for all, through education, health care, elimination of hunger, and promotion of respect, advocacy, and compassion.
  • To support the economically disadvantaged students, to make them constructive members of society through internships, education, tuition grants, purchases of book, among other assistance programs.
  • To enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating obstacles to opportunities.
  • We apprise, engage, and mobilize new stakeholders to join hands and raise funds that support our objectives.

Rawal Foundation is largely funded through grants and endowments by peers, family friends, contemporaries and supporters. We also raise funds in annual events. These donations contribute towards its projects as well as its operational expenses.

We honor the contributions of our stakeholders. We also encourage our potential partners to donate generously. Charity is an obligation and not a choice. The act of kindness can be big or small but their echoes are never-ending. When we make a small contribution, we probably help a child to stay in school. While we donate for medical care, many grownups and children can get proper treatment and medication that they need. If we donate for food, perhaps an infant or undernourished woman can get proper nourishment and they may be saved from the risk of getting a life threatening infection. During humanitarian calamities or natural adversities, when we donate we in fact enable millions of people to get access to nutrition, clean water, medicines and shelter.

Our team is an excellent group of highly qualified professionals that bring together high class expertise in cultivating health care, nutrition, water, clothing, child and family reunion, shelter, and many other dire human needs related to services to those who cannot afford. Since we have a teaching hospital as well, we have formed Student Bodies, who robustly assist us in delivering an endless and smooth philanthropy service.

Our Work

Health Care

The Rawal Foundation constantly work on humanizing community’s health. We believe in the importance of improving the health of needy. We work with the most vulnerable people to provide support, raise awareness and most of all, the prospect to live a healthy and happy life.

We run community health projects like; Indoor and Outdoor Medical Treatment at Rawal General and Dental Hospital, Blood Bank, Polio Drive, regular Medical and Dental Camps; often in some of the poorest and far fling areas of Pakistan. Because in such parts of our country a huge number of children under the age of five die each year due to the lack of access to healthcare, a number of people die from the diseases that could have been shunned by immunizations.

Our state of the art Autoclaves Steam Sterilizers work round the clock, to ensure disinfected Dental and Medical procedures and surgeries. We have a specialized team of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff working 24/7 to provide the best quality medical care to the general public.


We work on promoting and improving education, alleviate poverty and miseries of the dispossessed people of our country. Irrespective of their gender, believes or ethnic background. We are aware that education is indispensable for societies and people to prosper in their community. Education unlocks the door to better jobs, opportunities for higher education and livelihoods.

Rawal Foundation help the financially compromised students, to make them constructive members of society through internships, education, tuition grants, purchases of book, among other assistance.

Water Access

In the far flung areas of Pakistan, most people still drink polluted and contaminated water from streams and canals. Unclean drinking water cause them considerable health problems. Those drinking water containing virus or other germs, frequently develop symptoms of vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and other acute intestinal deceases.

Natural calamities coupled with poverty leave masses to deal with unsafe, soiled water. Rawal Foundation provide Tube Wells safe drinking water to everyone without any fear of illness. Our Tube Wells’ ongoing project is contributing to provide easy access to sanitary water.

Food/Hunger Relief

We believe that every individual has the right to nutritious food regardless of their economic or radical situation. This belief drives us to provide hunger relief to those struggling with starvation around the country.

As part of our Hunger Relief Program; throughout the year we deliver free food on daily bases as an ongoing project "Rawal ka Dastarkhawan". During the month of Ramzan we distribute food at Sehri and Iftari time, as our yearly project. In addition, we have been handing out Rations/groceries, to as many households as possible, all along.

Marriage Grant (Dowery Collection)

The Rawal Foundation’s purpose of “Marriage grant Program” is to provide household forming essential items and/or financial support to the unmarried women or their guardians, who cannot manage to pay for the marriage expenses. Especially to the poor girls, widows, and their needy parents.

Funeral Grant/Assistance

Death is the must event that occurs to every living being. The Rawal Foundation provides financial assistance for the funeral and burial expenses to those who don't have the means. This include; arranging shroud (kafan) and burial (tadfeen) etc. as an ongoing project.

Interfaith Harmony

With an objective to promote interfaith harmony among masses, the Rawal Foundation supports and organizes “All Staff Events” of Eid and Melad ul Nabi (PBUH) Celebrations, Christmas, Easter; distributing recitation competition presents and Christmas gifts respectively.

Our aim is to raise awareness of respecting each other’s believes and to make the participants understand that interfaith is not a conflict of different religions or sects. Neither is it to set superiority of any faith. Interfaith is an encouraging corroboration of connections amongst all faiths as a shared bond between them and their societies.

Rawal Foundation
Rawal Foundation
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