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Community Health Nursing

The Department of Community Health Nursing at Rawal College of Nursing (RCoN) provides student-centered teaching & learning & focuses on nursing science in combination with other healthcare sciences & evidence-based practice in different fields of society. The department is concerned to equip the students with basic & advanced knowledge & skills of primary prevention & community health. Student’s observation, communication skills, critical thinking and team work are enhanced by visiting different settings as healthcare centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, centers of accidents & disasters, and home care centers covering remote areas and local health care facilities within the region; & students are equipped with techniques & skills to find out about substantial drawbacks and their possible solutions to help, as well as teach the local community using low budget and effective ideas. Students may promulgate researches and evidence based studies to be well devised researchers of the future in the field of Public Health. The climatic and social mayhems brought up by students can later be eradicated on a larger scale.

The department is concerned with equipping the students with knowledge & skills by which they develop their critical thinking & creative methods of problem solving, cooperate effectively with healthcare professionals & general public to effectively apply modern techniques & technologies as well as evidence-based knowledge & practice for improving outcomes of healthcare quality with respect to national resources.

The department is following the curriculum developed by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan & Pakistan Nursing Council that focuses on the dynamic needs of developing societies. The department takes the pledge to train its students accordingly to be able to play different roles to enhance community health.

Specific Competencies & Skills:
The students are equipped with the following skills.

  • Heath-related skills
  • Environmental monitoring visits
  • Appraisal of public health in the society
  • Home and school visit
  • Growth and development monitoring in children
  • Infection control at hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Immunization skills
  • Referral and follow-up skills
  • Skills to triage clients
  • Reports preparation skills

Community Health Nursing

Amarah Tahir Malik


Nursing Lecturer


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