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Anatomy & Physiology

The department of Anatomy & Physiology at Rawal College of Nursing (RCoN) follows the curriculum developed by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan & Pakistan Nursing Council that focuses on physiological processes at the molecular, cellular, tissue and systems level of organization. The study of Anatomy & Physiology of Humans is integral to all Healthcare Sciences including nursing science.

We educate nursing students with basic & advanced knowledge of Anatomy of Human body & help them develop in-depth understanding of human physiological processes including functions & mechanisms working within the organism that meet the need of Nursing science.

We have a well-equipped Anatomy Laboratory with advanced simulation manikins, latest & modern apparatus and instruments to benefit our students maximally.

Anatomy & Physiology

M. Shakeel Shahzad

Post RN BSN, Dip. Cardiology

Senior Nursing Lecturer


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