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Pharmacology Department

Pharmacology is a vibrant field of Medical Science that deals with the drugs and their clinical uses in a rational manner based on their mode of action, kinetics, and adverse effect profile. It is a unique subject, which has an ingress in every field of medical science. Modern Medical science relies heavily on drugs as the main tool of therapeutics to prevent, diagnose and treat a disease. It involves the understanding of why to use, when to use & how to use a drug, and how to the drug is going to resolve the problem at molecular level. Pharmacology department of RIHS has highly experienced and qualified teaching faculty & lab staff as well as, well equipped lab facilities. Instructional modalities during Pharmacology teaching aim to enhance student’s participation as active learners and to develop their skills of continuous medical education (CME); updates on pharmacological news, small projects and presentations will be carried out throughout the session. Pharmacology is an interesting and rewarding subject considered to be a poetry in the field of medical science.



MBBS, M.Phil



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