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Ongoing People Development Program

Under the umbrella of the Rawal’s Ongoing Development Program, the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences and Rawal General & Dental Hospital organizes to deliver regular trainings to its people and pupils.
The curriculum is developed and presented by Rubina Afzal; Senior Manager Communications, Occupational Trainer, Carrier Adviser and Student Counselor. The courses are presented as the framework of characteristics and competencies, designed to guide and support the staff of RG&DH, to handle and manage patients, customers, visitors and emergencies in the most effective & efficient manner. This program also addresses the growth of RIHS’ staff, faculty and students, in terms of Managing Self and Others, Carrier Advice and Student Counseling.

Broad Objectives

The broad objective is to develop communication skills, knowledge, abilities, behavior, business ethics, professional qualities and evolution among all.

Training Methodology

  • Verbal, Written, and Pictorial Presentations.
  • Collaborative Activities & Interactive Sessions.
  • Question, Answer and Feedback Sessions.

Participants’ Evaluation and Feedback

At the end of each Training, participants are given the opportunity to evaluate the training in various aspects. Particular, whether the learning transpired in the training was useful and achievable. And how frequently they are interested to have such learning workshops and on what specific topics.

Standard Procedure

  • The Training takes place every two weeks.
  • At the beginning of each training session, we distribute Participation Certificates to those, attended the previous training.
  • We liaison with Human Resource Manager and HODs about the training needs of their people and pupils.

1. Front Desk Officers’ Professional Training

  • “Front Desk Officers’ Professional Training” took place on 10 July, 2021.” This included; Front Desk Executives, Receptionists, Telephone Operators, Paramedics, Librarians and other Front-line staff.
  • The objective was to develop communication skills and business ethics of our people.
  • Generally the participants were excited and satisfied with what emerged at the training was extremely beneficial and viable. They were keen to have this kind of learning opportunities more frequently and on different themes.


  • The second round of Rawal’s ongoing “People Development Program” delivered training on 5 August 2021. It targeted 50 staffs, which included young doctors, nursing faculty and front line executives.
  • Rawal believes that every employee contributes towards the advancement of the organization and community. It is important that we invest in our people to improve their skills and credentials.
  • The training session concentrated on providing and improving Effective Communication, Dealing with Patients, Attendants and other Customers.
  • Those who attended the previous workshop, were given certificates of participation on this day.

3. RG&DH Assistants’ Occupation Training about Protecting Self and others

    The third round of “People Development Program” was presented on 9 September 2021. Due to the current Pandemic situation, the participation was reduced to 50%. Hence following the SOPs, 25 Dental, Medical, Nursing and other assistants benefited from the training workshop.
  • The theme was “Protecting ourselves is important so that we can continue to help & protect others”. As it is a priority for health care providers around the world.
  • It is extremely important for ALL (including families) to be vaccinated.