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Rawal Foundation

Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) and Rawal General and Dental Hospital is a Private Limited company registered under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, bearing Corporate Universal Identification No.0075266. The RIHS facilities (College & Hospital) are set up on a plot of land owned by the institution having a covered area of 150,000 Sq ft at present, expandable to another 90,000 Sq ft in the coming years. Location: It is located on Lehtrar Road ½ a kilometer from Khanna Bridge that is situated on the Islamabad Expressway 15 minutes drive from Islamabad airport and Faizabad Bus stand. RGDH is fully equipped with latest and advanced technology, where many poor people are being treated for free on a daily basis. It is one of the pioneer private complexes which is just not a hospital but a medical institute as well. Rawal Foundation is providing its services for treatments of many people who can't afford such good treatments and also conduct many free medical camps in areas where medical facilities are very hard to avail.

Rawal General and Dental Hospital opened its doors to the general public on 7th September 2011. On the first day, it received a total of 22 patients of which 19 were foundation patients and were seen by our highly qualified team of doctors. Now after a completion of 5 years, we have an OPD of around 700 people per day, around 75% of these patients are seen and treated on foundation rates. Here in Rawal, we pay emphasis on sterilization. Our state of art autoclaves works around the clock to ensure sterilization. We have a highly specialized team of doctors, nurses, Paramedical staff working 24/7 to provide state of the art treatment to the general public. In Ramazan, we provide free sheri and aftari to all patients and staff.