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Rawal Insitute of Health Science

Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) was established in 2011.Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) is a Private Limited company registered under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, bearing Corporate Universal Identification No. 0075266. The RIHS is set up on a plot of land owned by the Board of Directors.

RIHS provides quality medical education and healthcare at a convenient location between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as per rules and regulations of PM&DC.

Recognition by PM&DC:

First Inspection of RIHS was held in December 2011 by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) in which RIHS secured 900 marks out of 1000 total marks, which were the highest scored marks ever. After Successful inspection RIHS got registered with PM&DC under registration no. PF-1-E-2011 (Coun) / 226058. PM&DC granted permission to RIHS for 100 MBBs admissions and 50 BDS admissions.
Recently PM&DC visited RIHS in March 2018 for inspection and again RIHS secured highest marks in both MBBS & BDS programs among all the other medical & dental colleges, inspected during the same period of time. RIHS scored 789 marks out of 1000 total marks in MBBS and 862 out of 1000 total marks in BDS.

Affiliation with University:

RIHS is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU), Islamabad with effect from 30th December 2011.


Rawal College of Medicine:

RCoM prepares top class medical professionals who have the knowledge and skills to deliver all modes of healthcare for the multicultural world of today and tomorrow as per curriculum provided by Shaheed Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University and under guidance of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC).

Rawal College of Dentistry

RCoD provides Dental Education that, in addition to providing professional excellence also builds up character of the students and make them sympathetic and courteous to the patients and their fellow health workers.

Rawal College of Nursing

RCoN intend to indoctrinate qualities of love and care in our students so that they feel privileged in treating the under privileged

Rawal College of Pharmacy

RCoP prepares top class Pharmacist who have the knowledge and skills. It intends to inculcate habits of life-long learning in the field of medicine

Rawal College of Rehabilitation Sciences

RCoRS aim to produce graduates of Physical Therapy and other Rehabilitation disciplines in Pakistan according to international standards

Rawal General & Dental Hospital

RIHS owned its own 500-bedded teaching hospital with modern and comprehensive diagnostic facilities named as Rawal General & Dental Hospital (RG&DH).

It is a tertiary care teaching hospital with facilitates like MRI, CT Scan and Angiography with Cardiac surgeries and orthopaedic surgeries being performed on daily basis. It provides medical care to needy and deserving patients in a safe and friendly environment at a very low cost.

Dental Section of RIHS is a purpose built 97-Dental Units Dental hospital with advance diagnostic facilities. It provides dental health facilities to poor and needy patients at a very low price. It has comparative advanced facilities available, which includes:

  • Extensive Maxillofacial Surgeries
  • Orthodontics procedures
  • OPGs